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    The Russia Tower for the Moscow City

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    The Moscow Government and Fuller BDJ Partners International have entered into agreement to prepare a Technical Feasibility Study for an ultra high-rise office tower project to be located within the Moscow International Business Center Complex. The study is to be made in the context of the Master Plan prepared by the city agency Mosproekt 2 under the direction of architect Boris Tkhor.

    The project is to be the highest and best technological proposal for a 21st century office structure. The project is intended to accommodate the Moscow Oil Exchange, other Russian oil companies and enterprises, petrochemical companies, as well as non-Russian oil related businesses with a need for high quality office facilities.

    A technical study team visited Moscow from 26 July through 2 August 1992. The purpose of the visit was to gather detailed data on the project, the project site and other relevant design and construction information. The team was comprised of members of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), architect-engineers from Chicago, Illinois, USA and senior staff from the George A. Fuller Company from New York, New York, USA. The team was guided and assisted by architect Boris Tkhor of Mosproekt 2.
    The following engagements, among others, were made by the study team:

    Government of Moscow, Iossif N. Ordjonikidze, Vice Premiere, Minister of External Economic Relations

    Chief Architect of Moscow, Leonid V. Vavakin

    Members of Joint Stock Society, Moscow International Business Center

    Extensive technical meetings at the office of Mosproekt 2

    Meetings with structural engineer Vladimir Travush

    Numerous meetings with international contractors conducting business in Moscow.

    Additionally, architect Boris Tkhor travelled to New York and Chicago from 9 August to 16 August in order to provide valuable professional advice and guidance to the study team.

    The design team has examined five general profile shapes for the high-rise tower. Each alternative has unique attributes which influence structural economy, performance under wind conditions, elevator costs, office layout efficiency, etc. Our selection of a recommended scheme is a carefully considered choice that optimizes the criteria factors. The design scheme that is recommended is considered by SOM and by Fuller • BDJ to be the highest and best solution for the project assignment.