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    The Russia Tower for the Moscow City

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    Moscow International Business Center — "Moscow City"

    It is extremely important for Russia to join the world economic community. Contemporary experience has shown that contacts in spheres of business, trade and commerce are most successfully realized in the concentrated business city zone. That is why Moscow Government has decided to create a modern international business center — Moscow City complex. Offices of big firms and companies, high-class hotels, banks, exhi­bition halls, services necessary for the effective life and functioning of the business commu­nity from every corner of the globe will be accommodated here, in multistory buildings surrounded by parks and other amenities.

    The Moscow City Government has allotted the plot of land (110 hectares) including the active territory of the "Expocentre" complex for the construction of Moscow City complex in Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, four kilometers from the Kremlin, near the Russian Government House. Major hotels such as Mir, Mezhdunarodnaya, Belgrade, and Ukraine, favored by foreign business trav­ellers, are conveniently located.

    The metro station is near at hand. The developed urban transport network is functioning here. The main arteries of Moscow connect Moscow City with the international airport of Sheremetievo, with Belorussky and Kievsky railway station buildings — the capital's gate into Europe, with West Cargo port.

    The forming of the new urban transport junc­tion is envisaged by the project. It will include the metro line with Mezhdunarodnaya metro station and high-speed transport line which will directly connect Moscow City with the airport. The future complex will organically blend in with the established railway and river communication structure. The project pro­vides the construction of two bridges — a two-level transport and one for pedestrians and shopping — which will connect the City with Kutuzovsky prospect.

    Engineering objects, multi-level parking and a heliport, the components of Moscow City complex, will take their places along the Belorusskaya branch line.

    The territory of Krasnopresnenskaya embank­ment, which is now disorderly and occupied by low story buildings, will turn into one of the leading zones of Moscow center develop­ing along the picturesque banks of Moscow River in the west direction from the Kremlin to Central Park of Culture and Rest, Vorobievi Hills, Novodevichy Monastery and further to the sport complex of Krylatskoye and children's park "Wonder Land," a project in progress now.

    The territory of Moscow City complex is divided into plots which are proposed to be leased by foreign companies committed to the construction of projects in accordance with the architectural conception developed by Boris Tkhor's architectural bureau.