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    The Russia Tower for the Moscow City

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    Fuller • BDJ Partners International

    17 May 1993

    The Honorable Yuri M. Luzhkov
    Mayor, City of Moscow
    13 Tverskaya Street
    103032 Moscow, Russia

    Dear Mr. Luzhkov:

    We are very pleased to submit our album for the new tower being designed for Moscow International Business Center. We are also submitting separately Book 2, which is a record of materials submitted to the Moscomarchitectura presidium on 10 December 1992.

    It is a great privilege to be asked by the Government of Moscow to undertake this study. Although this project is without precedent in Russia or elsewhere in Europe, it is fully within the available technological skills and capacity of Russia, Europe and the United States. We are, therefore, pleased to be able to state not only that such a daring and symbolic project is technically feasible, but that it will be financially feasible as well.

    The impetus and basis for our report is the Agreement between Moscow City Government and our firm dated 29 July 1992. The agreement sets forth certain objectives:

    • Fuller BDJ and Moscow City Government will jointly develop, design, construct and manage a new project at Moscow International Business Center of which the principal element is an ultra high rise office building called Russia Tower.

    • Fuller BDJ will finance a portion of the overall costs of the project and Moscow City Government in conjunction with the Russian oil companies will finance a portion of the project.

    • The Government intends for Fuller • BDJ to function as the development manager and coordi­nator of the Russia Towef complex.

    We ate grateful to the architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill which spearheaded the design team in the development of the structural concepts and initial design of Russia Tower. Our effort was ably compli­mented by Architect Boris Tkhor, Engineer Vladimir Travush, and the dedicated staff of Mosproekt 2. We are also most grateful for the assistance, advice and support provided to the team by Moscow City Government, Chief Architect of Moscow Leonid V. Vavakin and the Moscomarchitectura presidium.

    Finally and most impottantly, we wish to thank you and the City of Moscow for the confidence you have placed in our team for this most exciting and symbolic project.